Siegfried and Kriemhild part 3

“Sit thou at home, O King,” spake Siegfried. “Since thy knights are willing to follow me, stay here by the women and be of good cheer; for, by my troth, I will guard for thee both goods and honor. I will see to it, that they that seek thee here at Worms by the Rhine bide where they are; we will pierce deep into their country, till their vaunting is turned to sorrow.”

They passed from the Rhine through Hesse against Saxony, where the battle was fought afterward. With plunder and with fire they laid waste the land, the which both the princes found to their cost.

When they were come to the marches, the warriors hasted forward, and Siegfried began to ask them, “Which of us shall guard the rest from surprise?” More to their hurt the Saxons never took the field.
They answered, “Let bold Dankwart guard the younger knights. He is a good warrior. So shall we come in less scathe by Ludger’s men. He and Ortwin shall guard the rear.”

“I mysel

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Siegfried and Kriemhild part 2

The king was heavy of his cheer, and Siegfried, the good knight, saw that he was downcast, but wist not the reason, and asked King Gunther what ailed him. “I marvel much,” said Siegfried, “that thou takest no part in our sports as heretofore.” And Gunther, the doughty knight, answered him, “Not to every man may I declare the secret heaviness of my heart; only unto true friends shall the heart tell its dole.”

Siegfried changed color, and grew red and white, and he said to the king, “I have denied thee naught, and now I would help thee. If thou seekest friends, I will be one of them, and stand to it truly to my life’s end.”

“Now God requite thee, Sir Siegfried, for I like thy word; and albeit thy might availed me nothing, I would rejoice none the less that thou art well minded toward me; as much and more will I do to thee if I live. I will tell thee the cause of my trouble. Envoys from my foemen have brought a message that with an army they will

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Siegfried and Kriemhild part 1

Anonymous: End of 12th Century

The unknown writer of the Nibelungenlied, or Lay of the Nibelungs, was an Austrian. Nothing is known of him except that he wrote his celebrated ballad epic toward the end of the Twelfth Century.

Rediscovered toward the end of the Eighteenth Century, the Lay is, in the words of Prof. Calvin Thomas, “a powerful poem and a human document of many sided interest.” The component episodes are related with great vivacity, and the characters developed by means of a powerful imagination. The Lay was founded upon earlier versions of various legends, traditions, and songs that were current in pre-Christian times. Many of the same stories are found in the two Icelandic Eddas and in the Volsunga Saga.

The present version comprises two chapters, or “Adventures” (the fourth and fifth) of The Fall of the Nibelungs, translated by Margaret Armour, Everyman’s Library. Reprinted by permission of the publishers, J. M. Dent and Sons. T

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Phrygian Valley

Despite the proliferation of supermarkets, people in the
cities of the Phrygian Valley still meet their needs from the traditional
grocery stores, which supply staples like village bread, water buffalo ‘kaymak’
(clotted cream), and poppy seed flour. Gold meanwhile is still sold as the
primary form of investment and, especially in summer, gold jewelry is
traditionally given as a wedding present. The local alabaster is used in
souvenir items such as necklaces, bracelets and pipes.

Turkish Airlines has Istanbul- Eskisehir flights in both

When speaking of Afyonkarahisar, the first that leap to mind
are poppies, sucuk and of course that inseparable duo, the city’s trademark
shredded ekmek kadayif pastry with clotted cream.

A university city today, Eskisehir offers visitors a
children’s amusement park as well as newly opened shopping centers.

Kutahya is a resort area that attracts tourists summer and
winter with spas like those a

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A remnant of East Berlin that has crossed over to the West,
the famous ‘little traffic man ‘with a hat (Ampelmannchen) used at pedestrian
crossings in place of the usual red and green lights, has an important place in
the graphic arts.

Atilla Dorsay (Filmcritic)

“I’ve been going to Berlin for the film festival since 1978.

With its artists and festivals, it is a lovely city. Years
ago I went to Berlin two days late. Without even claiming my bag at the
airport, 1 dashed off to where the press conferences were being held. I wanted
to see and hear the immortal Fellini.

I made it, and it’s a good thing too because I never got
another chance to see Fellini. ”

The main crossing point between East and West Berlin during
the Cold War, Checkpoint Charlie today is a tourist attraction where visitors
have their photo taken with guides dressed in U.S. and Soviet army uniforms.

‘The Berlin Biennale adds enormous vital

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With its unique atmosphere, Dublin where life intertwines with art.

Dublin is situated in a basin where the River Liffey meets a
patch of the Atlantic Ocean known as the Irish Sea, an area simultaneously in
the foothills of emerald green mountains with myriad shades of green. As you
stroll through Dublin’s bustling streets, the city’s historic houses, built in
the traditional architectural style, create a warm atmosphere with their
colorfully painted doors. Life in Dublin’s streets is buzzing and full of
surprises, and the many street musicians, magicians, and other artists
displaying their fascinating skills mesmerize curious onlookers.

One of the city’s most vital hubs, O’Connell Street and
Square make an especially good destination for a stroll. This part of town also
boasts numerous examples of the Georgian style buildings that lend Dublin its
classical appearance. These buildings went up during the reigns of England’s
Kings George I and George IV

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Arbil route opens

Turkish Airlines recently started flights between Istanbul
and the city of Arbil in northern Iraq. The inaugural flight on the aircraft
Safranbolu took off from Istanbul at 9:30 a.m. and landed in Arbil at 11:30.

Present on the flight were Finance Minister Mehmet Simsek,
Energy and Natural Resources Undersecretary Metin Kilic and Turkish Airlines’
Board Chairman Hamdi Topcu as well as a large number of businessmen and members
of the press. Speaking at the ceremony in the northern Iraqi city of Arbil,
Simsek said, “The Turkish and Kurdish people have been together for a thousand
years. Nobody can break up our brotherhood. ”

In a talk he gave at the ceremony, Turkish Airlines’ Board
Chairman Hamdi Topcu pointed out that Arbil is the airline’s 135th destination
abroad and is now linked via Istanbul to 1,200 points around the world through
the Star Alliance Group.

It’s easier than ever to fly to the balkan coun

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Marrakesh Casablanca

Ahmet Bilal Arslan Photograher

“I’ve been going to Morocco since 2006 and my most interesting experience there was seeing the east of the Atlas Mountains. Unlike the ever popular Marrakesh and Casablanca, this area is still waiting to be explored in all its mystery. ”

Opening onto the Atlantic, the Caves of Hercules at Tangier bring to mind the map of Africa. It was at exactly this point that the Hercules of legend is said to have separated Africa from the European continent by creating the Strait of Gibraltar.

Built over the Atlantic Ocean at Casablanca, the Mosque of King Hassan II is considered the second largest in the world. Its 210-meter Maghreb-style minaret is an Islamic monument well worth seeing.

Recipient of long string of the world`s most prestigious industrial design awards, Dr. Hakan Gursu accesses the future of design and consumers` changing expectations.

Serdar Turan & Ahmet Bilal Arslan

What i

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Aladag Mountains

How to go:

Turkish Airlines has daily flights in both directions between Istanbul and Kayseri. Once you are in Kayseri, you can reach the Aladag Mountains via Develi or Yahyali.

Where to stay:

If you can Y get to Kayseri, you can stay at a bed & breakfast in the village of Kapuzbasi.

What to eat:

There are rustic restaurants around the ancient Roman fountain in the Kayseri town of Develi.

The dish of choice at these venues shaded by century-old chinars is a kind of flat bread with meat (etli pide) known as Develi civikh.

Venice Biennale opened as usual in June. Artists, curators, journalists and collectors from around the world were in town for the opening on June 4.

The Biennale is also hosting a large and ambitious international exhibition. Curator this year is Bice Curiger, and the theme is ILLUMInations.

Turkey is taking part in the Biennale this year with Ayse Erkmen’s work titled Pl

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Vegetarian Tastes

Special Tastes for Vegeterians

We also didn’t forget about our vegetarian guests among our rich menus. Vegetarian meals, containing no animal by products, are being prepared with fresh ingredients and all plant derived foods. Additionally, Vegetarian Jain meals which are prepared according to Jain customs, are also one of our special meal alternatives.

For more details about the special courses please refer to page 196.

Get the Latest News

You can reach all the flight information details from the AVOD system. World news is updated hourly.

Children’s channel and an Audio Book channel are also available.

In-flight connectivity enables passengers to send and receive text messages and e-mail. The news channel offers passengers world news, including economic, financial and celebrity news, as well as the weather report in text form. News is also given hourly and the weather report every four hours in an on-line

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Schwerin Castle

The mischievous spirit of Schwerin Castle

Petermannchen, the spirit of the centuries- old castle in the Germany city of Schwerin, chases away thieves with his pranks while he rewards good-natured guests

Schwerin, referred to as the ‘Jewel of the North’ is the smallest but most charming city in Germany. The city, which has a population of merely 96,000 is one of Germany’s most treasured tourist attractions although it is not well-known by foreign tourists. Having a coast on the Baltic Sea made the city one of the most popular holiday destinations, especially since the reunification of the two German states in 1990. There are a total of 2,000 lakes in the state that has the cleanest water and air in Germany.

An island in the middle of the lake

Schwerin Castle is the most important building in the city, located on the island in the lake in the city center. A bridge connects the castle to the mainland. The most prominent c

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Milano Creative Industry

Corso Como Avenue and its vicinity host a more bohemian selection of boutiques, restaurants and art galleries. The most renowned of these is the legendary 10 Corso Como, a pioneer in conceptual retail. The slowly transforming Via Pietro Maroncelli is set to become the new Milan favorite.

The fashion and automobile industries are the most significant sources of Milan’s income

Corso Como is the ideal location for dinner, music and fun.

The Tortona industrial zone, deserted in the 1960s, started to liven up again after the 1980s and became the center of creative industries like fashion, design and architecture. It flourishes during ‘fashion week’ and the ‘design fair’, transforming into the city’s liveliest area with fashion and other shows and parties all around.

Although Milan is not often identified with the visual arts, the city is actually home to a very important masterpiece. Leonardo da Vinci’s legacy, the Las

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Where to eat

Antica Osteria Del Ponte (Piazza G. Negri 9); Antica Trattoria della Pesa (Piazza Colombo 1); Al Garghet (Via Selvanesco 36); Al Sorriso (Via Roma 18); Boeucc (Piazza Belgioioso 2); Cracco (Via Victor Hugo 4); Bagutta

Where to have fun

Martini Bar (Corso Venezia 15); Bar Straf (Via San Raffaele 3); Dolce & Gabbana GOLD (Via Carlo Poerio 6); Armani Cafe (Via Croce Rossa 2); Shu (Via Crocefisso 27); Bar Magenta (Via Giosue Carducci 13); Le Banque (Via Bassano Porrone 6); Gioia 69 (Via Melchiorre Gioia 69); The Club Milano (Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi 97); Ricci Lounge Bar (Piazza della Repubblica 27).

Milan is the ideal location for people who want to spoil themseives

Where to shop

Clothes and shoes: LDAAD Dantone (Via Santo Spirito 24/A); Iris (Via Sant’Andrea 10/A); Maison Martin Margiela (Via Della Spiga 46); Boule de Neige (Corso Como 3-4); Tom Ford (Via Verri 3); Alan Journo (Via della Spiga 36); Ds

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Galleria Vittorio Emanuele

Visit the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II even if you just browse Day one: Stop by at La Scala

After breakfast in Pasticceria Marchesi (Via Santa Maria alia Porta 11/a), a visit to Duomo Cathedral, the touchstone of Milan. Duomo, the heart of Milan, is the biggest Gothic cathedra in the world. After strolling in the interior of this magnificent cathedral, climb the 166 steps to the top for a splendid view of Milan.

Then a shopping trip to the ‘quadrilateral of fashion’, synonymous with Milan, is essential. Wander the side streets of Via Montenapoleone, Via della Spiga, Via Santo Spirito, Via Sant’Andrea and Santa Maria Novella, Corso Magenta, to keep up with the latest trends in the stores and shop windows of fashion pioneers like Dolce & Gabbana and Tom Ford.

After an intense walk, you can try Bistrot Giacomo (Via Pasquale Sottocorno 6), the restaurant opened in the yard of the superb store Aspesi (Via Monte Napoleone 13) or the great c

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Milan Hidden paradises

You need to shift the route a little to discover the other hidden paradises Milan has to offer. Because Milan is devoid of a sea and lakes, canals were dug from the river ail the way to the lower end of the city with hopes of having water run through the city. The cafes and restaurants lining both banks of the 50 km stretch of the oldest canal, Naviglio Grande, constructed in 1277, create a buzzing atmosphere especially on Sundays. It is particularly worth discovering the area around the Via Cardinale Ascanio Sforza and Ripa di Porta Ticinese. You can find anything from furniture to clothing to suit every taste in the vintage market set up on the last Sunday of every month.

Leaving behind the luxurious and glamorous atmosphere of Milan and the ‘quadrilateral of fashion’ and entering the natural, intimate and warm atmosphere of Navigli to browse the stalls, enjoy the delectable food of the simple, rustic ‘trattorias’ and taste Italy’s famous vanill

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