Street Markets of Istanbul

Street markets (pazar) still create a good alternative for economical shopping. People who generally do their shopping at various stores get astonished when they somehow come across with the prices in street markets located at different neigbourhoods on specific days of the week. The street markets at Ulus on Thursdays, YeSilkoy on Wednesdays, Kadikoy on …

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The incomplete mesnevi of four thousand couplets titled

“Cihad-i Sultan Suleyman ber Iklim-i Rumili” whose poet is unknown according to the records and catalogues actually belongs to Levhi Efendi. It is about the Hungarian, Belgrade and Rhodes conquests. Mahü mentioned in one of his works that he wrote a mesnevi called “Şehname-yi Humayun” of seven thousand couplets. Ahdi confirmed the existence of Mahfi`s …

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Vienna coffee house tradition

An ancient, still popular Vienna coffee house tradition known far beyond Austria`s borders dictates that the honoured guest of the establishment should always, and automatically, be served a small glass of water on the small silver tray beside his or her melange, kleiner Brauner or grofier Schwarzer. This glass of water should not just be …

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