Phrygian Valley

Despite the proliferation of supermarkets, people in the
cities of the Phrygian Valley still meet their needs from the traditional
grocery stores, which supply staples like village bread, water buffalo ‘kaymak’
(clotted cream), and poppy seed flour. Gold meanwhile is still sold as the
primary form of investment and, especially in summer, gold jewelry is
traditionally given as a wedding present. The local alabaster is used in
souvenir items such as necklaces, bracelets and pipes.

Turkish Airlines has Istanbul- Eskisehir flights in both

When speaking of Afyonkarahisar, the first that leap to mind
are poppies, sucuk and of course that inseparable duo, the city’s trademark
shredded ekmek kadayif pastry with clotted cream.

A university city today, Eskisehir offers visitors a
children’s amusement park as well as newly opened shopping centers.

Kutahya is a resort area that attracts tourists summer and
winter with spas like those a

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