When was Istanbul settled

Istanbul each day excursions – The earliest-known settlement within the space now generally known as Istanbul, was in all probability based round 1000 BC. It’s title was Semistra. It was adopted by a small fishing village, referred to as Lygos. Lygos was settled on the European aspect. Then, round 700 BC colonists from Megara in Greece, based town of Chalcedon on the European shore of the Bosphorus.

Istanbul Each day Excursions – Byzantium, comes after a Megarean colonist

The subsequent title of the settlement – Byzantium, comes after a Megarean colonist, Byzas established his new colony. There’s a legend that claims that Byzas was the son of Poseidon and a nymph, daughter of Zeus and Io. Earlier than he was leaving Greece, he requested the oracle at Delphi the place he ought to set up his new colony. The reply he obtained was enigmatic – ‘Reverse the blind’. Whereas he was crusing up the Bosphorus, he remembered the phrases of the oracle as he observed the colony on the Asian shore at Chalcedon. Then on the European shore he noticed the small fishing village of Lygos. It was constructed on a powerful and simply fortified pure harbour of the Golden Horn. Considering, as legend has it, that the settlers of Chalcedon should have been blind to ignore such a superb and strategic place, Byzas and his fellows settled their new city there and named it after its founder Byzas, Byzantium.

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