The Human Factor in Architecture


The Human Factor in Architecture

Another majestic building of the city is the Fountain. İt is an interesting case that the Caunians had never and ever designed a city without a fountain. İt was for visitors coming from distant seas to freshen up. The fountain that also functioned as a meeting point for women at the time, is being reconstructed now for the modern visitors. But it will take a little more time to drink or fill the bottles with freezing waters.

The most striking stage of the journey is the Necropolis. Of 167 tombs, ‘The Temple Faced Ones’ engraved into rocky cliffs belong to the noble inhabitants of Caunos. These sfone Tombs are the symbols of the city. By the way, fhe tradition of engraving tombs into the rocks, comes from Palestine and Gyria to Anatolia, and spreads to Italy.

The Future of Antiquity

Archaelogist Cengiz Isık, the leader of team that developes applicable restoration projects, emphasized on two points about the future of the ancient cities of Turkey:

Firstly, there is no projects developed for the ancient cities in Turkey;

Secondly, his and teams’ insistence and resistance against the indifference of the governments on the issue, is awarded almost every year by great new discoveries.

On the way back, if you see a villager going to his garden, he will absolutely be glad to drop you to the coast by his tractor.

The Unlawful Love of Byblis

Byblis was bom a Miletian princess who devel- oped an incestuous love for her brother Caunus. İn grief över her predicament she attempted to cast herselfoff a mountainside, but was rescued by the local Naiades who transformed her into a Nymphe.

“Miletos [son of Apollon and Akakallis] built the city of Miletos and married Eidothee, daughter of Eurytos king of Karia. She became the mother of twins, Kaunos and Byblis after whom are named to this day the Karian cities of Kaunos and of Byblis.

Byblis attracted many local suitors, because of her fame, some from nearby cities as well. She did not pay them much attention since an unspeakable desire for Kaunos was driving her mad. Because she did any she could to hide this passion, she kept it from her parents. But daily she was being gripped by an even more unmanageable Daimon and one night she decided to throw herself from a rock.

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