With its unique atmosphere, Dublin where life intertwines with art.

    Dublin is situated in a basin where the River Liffey meets a patch of the Atlantic Ocean known as the Irish Sea, an area simultaneously in the foothills of emerald green mountains with myriad shades of green. As you stroll through Dublin`s bustling streets, the city`s historic houses, built in the traditional architectural style, create a warm atmosphere with their colorfully painted doors. Life in Dublin`s streets is buzzing and full of surprises, and the many street musicians, magicians, and other artists displaying their fascinating skills mesmerize curious onlookers.

    One of the city`s most vital hubs, O`Connell Street and Square make an especially good destination for a stroll. This part of town also boasts numerous examples of the Georgian style buildings that lend Dublin its classical appearance. These buildings went up during the reigns of England`s Kings George I and George IV (1714/1830), and the central post office in particular, one of the city S cultural icons, makes an ideal backdrop for a souvenir photograph. Dublin is also a city of art.

    Theaters, museums Dublin places prime importance on museums and museology, and the National Museum of Ireland and the Irish Museum of Modern Art top the list of the city`s must-see venues. Dublin is also rich in theaters with plays


    Symbol of Ireland, the shamrock naturally symbolizes Dublin as well. Legend has it that St. Patrick, who brought Christianity to the island in the 9th century, also brought with him shamrock seeds which he scattered on Irish soil. A Saint Patrick`s Festival is held in Dublin every year March 16-20. process fresh produce intelligently, it won`t die. But if you start with ingredients that are past their prime, it doesn`t matter what you do. Not a single ingredient is processed, ” he says, adding: “Add a little olive oil, a little salt and pepper, a little seasoning, then cook it without killing it. And you `ll have the best food in the world. ” It`s not that simple of course. Good food has to be combined with friendliness and hospitality.

    All so that the passenger will take pleasure in the experience and leave the aircraft feeling happy. The customer is the sole arbiter. It`s not enough that he should like it, or be pleasantly surprised. The magic words are these: “I absolutely must eat that again! ” Think of it like this: There is a simit vendor.

    Although you live a little distance away, you go to the market every day, rain or shine, to buy his simits. For their aroma, their crispness, their sesame seeds, or for the vendor`s friendly conversation. Usually even you yourself don t know exactly why. It`s the same with the chefs on the airplane. According to Dogudan, 98 out of every 100 passengers are happy with the food and the service. It`s time now to satisfy those remaining two. Or are you one of them? What can we do to please you?

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