Five wanderers Paris


We are in Paris, the most bohemian and entertaining capital of the world. The following pages offer shopping advice from Aysu, art info from Eril, the low-down on the music scene from Mehmet, an alternative Paris guide from Hazal, and all the best museums and exhibitions from Ozlem. Not to mention insider information from Deniz, a Paris local

He just couldn`t stop pestering us, could you, rain? We arrived in Berlin. We walked around for 10 minutes, and there you were, pouring down on us; we were soaked down to our socks. Now a month has passed and this time as the Globetrotters` Club, we are in Paris.

All the underground lines are shut because of a collision between two trains; we forked out 43 Euros on a taxi but at least we have to listen to Zaz` latest single La Fee on our way. We spoke too soon when we said, `Look, the weather is fantastic, there`s the sun, we`re near Gare du Nord`. It poured down once more. But it doesn`t matter. Hazal Yilmaz, Ozlem Sarag, Eril Serbetgi, Aysu Akagunduz and Mehmet Tez are in Paris to march to their own tunes, to mill around the streets of Le Marais, Bastille, Montmartre and Belleville.

Hazal`s alternative Paris

I asked around about `what people do in Bastille`. You listen to rock at La Scene Bastille (2 bis rue des Taillandiers) on Thursdays. On Tuesdays, you go to play jazz at La Mecanique Ondulatoire (8 Passage Thiere) or discover new young French artists and celebrity candidates at Galerie Alain Gutharc (7 rue St-Claude); you should go for Standard Design Hotel (29 rue Taillandiers) if you need a hotel; for coffee you go to 138 (138 rue du Faubourg Saint Antoine). Tien Hiang (92 rue de Chemin Vert) is recommended for vegetarian Chinese food lovers and Chai 33 (33 Passage St-Emilion) for wine lovers.

Chez Jeanette (47 rue du Fbg-St Denis) in the Turkish neighborhood is the latest after-work hangout for Bobos (bohemian bourgeoisie). There are many English speakers here. The later you go, the busier it is.

Chevalier and Django Reinhardt, it is at 105 rue du Faubourg du Temple that you should do it.

You cannot leave Paris without having a crepe.

  1. La Petite Tour (6 rue Gregoire de Tours),
  2. Josselin (67, rue du Montparnasse),
  3. Creperie Bretonne (67, rue de Charonne).

If wine is a product of grape juice immersed in alcohol, then these are some of the best that you can find on the cheap: St-Martin Rouge, Lanquedoc; Belleruche Rouge, Cotes du Rhone; Baron de Lestac, Bordeaux.

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