Milan Hidden paradises


    You need to shift the route a little to discover the other hidden paradises Milan has to offer. Because Milan is devoid of a sea and lakes, canals were dug from the river ail the way to the lower end of the city with hopes of having water run through the city. The cafes and restaurants lining both banks of the 50 km stretch of the oldest canal, Naviglio Grande, constructed in 1277, create a buzzing atmosphere especially on Sundays. It is particularly worth discovering the area around the Via Cardinale Ascanio Sforza and Ripa di Porta Ticinese. You can find anything from furniture to clothing to suit every taste in the vintage market set up on the last Sunday of every month.

    Leaving behind the luxurious and glamorous atmosphere of Milan and the `quadrilateral of fashion` and entering the natural, intimate and warm atmosphere of Navigli to browse the stalls, enjoy the delectable food of the simple, rustic `trattorias` and taste Italy`s famous vanilla ice cream fresh off a stifcet stall makes you feel quite euphoric.

    The marketplace in Via San Marco, you can witness the feast of colors and fragrances coming from fresh local fruit and vegetables on Monday and Thursday mornings. Milan`s legendary restaurants are located just across from the marketplace.

    The quadrilateral of fashion is the center of `luxury1 while Corso Como is the home of `bohemian` boutiques 

    An `aperitivo` after work

    The Milanese have an indispensable ritual; the `aperitivo`. People leaving work at 6pm. go either to a trattoria, a bar or an enoteca to have wine, martini or other aperitifs accompanied by small canapes before dinner.

    It is very difficult to choose from Milan`s wide range of restaurants, cafes, bars and enoteche. But if you want to go for an `in` venue such as Nobu, Trussardi, La Risacca 6 or GOLD you`ll have to reserve a table ahead of time. If you`ve got several days in Milan, follow these routes…

    Milan is not only Italy`s most modern city, but also the capital of the Italian press 


    Cassoeula (Vegetable soup with pork)

    Mondeghini (Cabbage stuffed with meat and rice)

    Rustin annege (Beef cooked in white wine and potatoes) Cotoletta alia Milanese (Beef on toasted bread)

    Risotto alia Milanese (Risotto with saffron, cheese and beef) Panettone (Sweet cake)

    Campari spruzzato (Campari and white wine)

    Bonarda wine (Sparkling red wine)

    Verdea (White wine from the Colombano region)

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