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You are ready to explore your dreams and travel. Then, it`s time to plan your Bulgaria holiday and benefit from our tour packages Bulgaria.

We are here to take you around a small country with rich history, inspiring nature, mouth-watering cuisine and friendly people. Bulgaria and our private Bulgaria tours are a promise for unique experiences and memories.

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When we took the tourism path, we knew our love to Bulgaria only. It turned out to be enough to make our private tours in Bulgaria for you. We like to make you feel the spirit of times passed. Times which left their monuments, their stories, their secrets… You can join our Ancient Bulgaria tour and visit places that let your imagination take you back to the times when the mystic Thracians inhabited these lands. Places like Perperikon.
The medieval archaeological complex is one of the most ancient monumental megalithic structures, entirely carved into the rocks. People there worshipped the rocks as long ago as the Neolithic period.

This tour (like all our tour packages Bulgaria) starts in Sofia (Sofia city tour). From the capital of Bulgaria the journey through time takes you to places symbolic to the country. On this tour you will get to know the village of Tatul where a Thracian megalithic monument is awaiting you.

Ancient Neolithic and Thracian sites

Starosel is rich in ancient Neolithic and Thracian sites. Among them are the underground temple – it is the largest of its kind on the Balkans, and a mausoleum. Another important site, the Horizont tumulus, contains the only known Thracian temple to feature a colonnade.

The Valley of the Thracian Kings. There are dozens of Thracian burial mounds in the region around Kazanlak. The Big Kosmatka (Golyamata Kosmatka) tomb is one of the most impressive tombs, not only because of its size but because of the fact that nobody looted it.

Early Byzantine town of Nikopolis ad Istrum, another site which is part of our tour packages Bulgaria.

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Tour Packages Balkan

Bulgaria is part of the Balkan Peninsula and is also marked with its difficult destiny. For that we made tour packages Balkan in different variations. Our wish is to make you breathe the air and feel the atmosphere of this interesting place, the Balkans.

American captain Fox talks about the `complicated Balkans`. We can only blame the position of the peninsula for the Balkan countries` political destiny. Due to Balkans’ central location in Europe and the fact that they served as a bridge towards Asia; Balkans suffer the strong after-effect of every whim that Europe and the world had. Balkans were doomed to stand in the path of the greatest racial movements. The Balkans are full of surprises. They never fail to bring interesting stories.

Balkans are the cradle of ancient civilizations like the Hellenic and the Thracian ones. They are a mixture of races and beliefs, qualified by many as `explosive`.

Open the tour packages Balkan and enjoy their gifts

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For we are a Bulgarian company located in the very centre of the country, Kazanlak (the Valley of the Roses and the Thracian Kings), we like to introduce Bulgaria to you. Bulgaria with its unique nature, atmosphere and cultural heritage. We also like to reveal the different `similarities` among the other countries, part of the jigsaw puzzle called the Balkans.

So, all you need to do is decide that it`s time for you to travel Bulgaria and have your Balkan holiday (tour packages Balkan). We believe that private Balkan tours are a good possibility to sink into the history of the region. It is a general belief that the Balkan Peninsula produces more history than it is capable of consuming.

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Grand Balkan Tour

You might not have already decided on your next holiday so here we are to help and offer you visit Bulgaria, plan your private tours Balkan and
contact us. The itinerary you will see below is the Balkan tour we made in 2015 for a lovely Malaysian group. We travelled 5000 km and visited 11 countries (Turkey, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Albania and Greece).

Great Private Tours Balkan

17 Aug 2015 Istanbul – Edirne – Haskovo (Turkey – Bulgaria)

Balkan Tour Edirne Bazaar

We met at the airport in Istanbul, Turkey and left for Haskovo in Bulgaria. As soon as we left the group started to sleep. After the long flight from Malaysia, they were right to go to sleep. We had a break in Edirne to explore the nice city. We saw Selimiye Mosque and its Bazaar. For lunch we tried the so famous liver in Edirne as well.

For the border of Bulgaria it was so difficult to make the custom officer put the names of the group in the system. Our Bulgaria travel started and we were ready to start our short Bulgaria holiday. It was really a short tour around Bulgaria. We couldn`t enjoy private Sofia tour. And Bulgaria has many things to offer. Jeep safari Bulgaria, for example, has adventurous spirit; offers great views and traditional food.

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Treasures of Varna

Hunting the treasures of Varna in Bulgaria tours

Bulgaria Tours Day 1

Bulgaria Tours – a day spent in the city of Varna – the sea capital of Bulgaria, like people know Varna. Varna is the third biggest city in Bulgaria and one of the oldest settlements on these lands. Varna is the place where the oldest gold treasure in the world was found. The treasure dates back
from 4,600 BC to 4,200 BC. This same Varna becomes the home of the biggest and only one of the kind in the world cultural historical; and entertaining and educational museum. The museum opens in the spring of 2019. It is going to be like a time machine. People will be able `to travel back` in time in the different eras; in the development of the human civilisation on the Bulgarian lands.

Varna as one of Bulgaria destinations that tourists like

People know Varna as an important cultural centre. It is packed with history and yet it`s very modern. A lively place that offers unforgettable moments. A good place for Bulgaria tours.

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A city tour around Varna will introduce you to the development of Varna during its different stages. The Archaeological Museum – people can follow the history and culture of Varna from its early centuries to the Second Bulgarian Kingdom.

Then, `Park-Museum of the Combat Friendship`. It is a pleasant place for relaxation both for families with children and individual tourists. It`s among the good tourist attractions in Bulgaria. It offers history monuments as well as nature beauties.

One of the symbols of the sea capital is the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin, a temple for the ones praying and an attraction for the tourists. This holy place will take us in the world of spirituality. This is just the beginning of the tour around Varna and one of many
private tours Bulgaria.

Overnight in a hotel in Varna.

Bulgaria Tours Day 2

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After a nice start of the day with good breakfast, Bulgaria tours continues. We leave for a palace. A real one – Euxinograd Palace. It is a former late XIX-century royal palace and a park on the Bulgarian coast. Nowadays, the government representatives use Euxinograd for meeting other officials. Like every other place, the palace has its interesting stories. Once upon a time the place where it is now, used to be unfriendly and stony. It soon (nearly half a century) became the prince`s favourite place for rest…

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Phrygian Valley

Cradle of Culture: Phrygian valley

On one side monumental tumuli, giant rock-carved reliefs, altars and cave dwellings, on the other fairy chimney formations like works of art and the thermal springs that have warmed the lofty steppes of the Anatolian plateau for centuries. While wandering in the valleys and highlands, you grasp more easily the place in human history of the Phrygian civilization and its rich cultural heritage.

The region that includes the provinces of Afyonkarahisar, Kutahya and Eskisehir, where the monuments of the Phrygian civilization are located, is known today as the Valley of the Phrygians. Three cities still preserve their historic links with this magnificent geography, which illumines the present with the light of the past. Countless local riches, such as Afyonkarahisar`s marbles, Kutahya tiles and Eskisehir`s alabaster, are the touchstones of this cultural journey.

Every day at dawn, first the castle perched on the colossal rock mass that rises behind it is illuminated at Afyonkarahisar. Then, spreading across the lower reaches of Afyonkarahisar Castle, the light reaches the historic texture of a house close to four hundred years old.

This region, where you can find vestiges of traditional Afyonkarahisar life, is among the finest living examples of Anatolian civil architecture. Strolling about here, a person is astonished to encounter old-fashioned grocery stores with their characteristic smell that brings back childhood memories.


Situated at the point of intersection of the inter-city highways to Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, Afyonkarahisar is always alive and humming. The hotels and large shopping centers that have spread to the province keep the region ever vibrant.

Like a virtual continuation today of the ancient trade routes, this junction and its dynamics are a major contributor to the city`s economy.

Another city center exhibiting vestiges of history in the Phrygian Valley is Kutahya, which stands out for its mosques, baths, mausoleums, fountains, old mansions and museums. It is easier to get a handle on the city`s magnificent past on Germiyan Sokak, which is lined with old houses.

You can also find rich examples of the local handicrafts all over the city. The pottery that dates all the way back to the Phrygians and the tiles that symbolize the city are among the branches of industry that contribute to the local economy.

To understand the place where one lives and to appreciate its beauty, sometimes one has to look at it from another angle. To be able to say that one has seen Eskisehir, which could be considered the modem face of the Valley of the Phrygians, one should pay a brief visit to Kent (City) Park, which has been dubbed the `lungs `of Eskisehir, or survey the city`s skyline from Selale (Waterfall) Park.

Watered by the Porsuk River, this progressive city is Anatolia`s rising star with its green cover, its transportation net that functions like clockwork, and its refreshing parks. Eskisehir also boasts a young and highly educated population, in which the university and its extensive campuses undoubtedly play the largest part. You`ll encounter young lovers on almost every street here, or students on an outing by gondola on the Porsuk, livening up the atmosphere with their cries of glee.

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A remnant of East Berlin that has crossed over to the West, the famous `little traffic man `with a hat (Ampelmannchen) used at pedestrian crossings in place of the usual red and green lights, has an important place in the graphic arts.

Atilla Dorsay (Filmcritic)

“I`ve been going to Berlin for the film festival since 1978.

With its artists and festivals, it is a lovely city. Years ago I went to Berlin two days late. Without even claiming my bag at the airport, 1 dashed off to where the press conferences were being held. I wanted to see and hear the immortal Fellini.

I made it, and it`s a good thing too because I never got another chance to see Fellini. ”

The main crossing point between East and West Berlin during the Cold War, Checkpoint Charlie today is a tourist attraction where visitors have their photo taken with guides dressed in U.S. and Soviet army uniforms.

`The Berlin Biennale adds enormous vitality to Berlin, a city of art in the true sense. Realized last year for the ninth time, the event hosted Turkish artists Nilbar Gures and Ferhat Ozgur and their

Boasting the most important museums in Berlin, Museum Insel welcomes visitors despite a major restoration project that has been under way since the unification, and makes a key contribution to the city culture.

Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall, fragments of which have been put in museums or taken home, as mementoes, and the rest sold to the curious, constitute some of the most important examples of street art for the images painted on them.

Like the world`s other major cities, Berlin has been the subject of a number of films. Wim Wenders`Der Himmel liber Berlin (translated as ` Wings of Desire: Between Fleaven and Earth`) and Rainer Werner Fassbinder`s 14-part TV film, “Berlin Alexanderplatz`, are some of the best known

Raising his head briefly from his `ottoman` work and glancing out his studio window, miniaturist taner alakus `sees` byzantium, The traditional Turkish Islamic arts of calligraphy, miniature painting, book illumination and paper marbling are coming together in the exhibition “41 Master Artists-41 Works of Arts-41 Times Masallah” held at his studio in Kariye by Turkey`s leading miniaturist, Taner Alakus. All of the artists whose works are included in the show, which starts on April 30th, are prominent figures. We collected aphorisms from 18 of them.

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With its unique atmosphere, Dublin where life intertwines with art.

Dublin is situated in a basin where the River Liffey meets a patch of the Atlantic Ocean known as the Irish Sea, an area simultaneously in the foothills of emerald green mountains with myriad shades of green. As you stroll through Dublin`s bustling streets, the city`s historic houses, built in the traditional architectural style, create a warm atmosphere with their colorfully painted doors. Life in Dublin`s streets is buzzing and full of surprises, and the many street musicians, magicians, and other artists displaying their fascinating skills mesmerize curious onlookers.

One of the city`s most vital hubs, O`Connell Street and Square make an especially good destination for a stroll. This part of town also boasts numerous examples of the Georgian style buildings that lend Dublin its classical appearance. These buildings went up during the reigns of England`s Kings George I and George IV (1714/1830), and the central post office in particular, one of the city S cultural icons, makes an ideal backdrop for a souvenir photograph. Dublin is also a city of art.

Theaters, museums Dublin places prime importance on museums and museology, and the National Museum of Ireland and the Irish Museum of Modern Art top the list of the city`s must-see venues. Dublin is also rich in theaters with plays


Symbol of Ireland, the shamrock naturally symbolizes Dublin as well. Legend has it that St. Patrick, who brought Christianity to the island in the 9th century, also brought with him shamrock seeds which he scattered on Irish soil. A Saint Patrick`s Festival is held in Dublin every year March 16-20. process fresh produce intelligently, it won`t die. But if you start with ingredients that are past their prime, it doesn`t matter what you do. Not a single ingredient is processed, ” he says, adding: “Add a little olive oil, a little salt and pepper, a little seasoning, then cook it without killing it. And you `ll have the best food in the world. ” It`s not that simple of course. Good food has to be combined with friendliness and hospitality.

All so that the passenger will take pleasure in the experience and leave the aircraft feeling happy. The customer is the sole arbiter. It`s not enough that he should like it, or be pleasantly surprised. The magic words are these: “I absolutely must eat that again! ” Think of it like this: There is a simit vendor.

Although you live a little distance away, you go to the market every day, rain or shine, to buy his simits. For their aroma, their crispness, their sesame seeds, or for the vendor`s friendly conversation. Usually even you yourself don t know exactly why. It`s the same with the chefs on the airplane. According to Dogudan, 98 out of every 100 passengers are happy with the food and the service. It`s time now to satisfy those remaining two. Or are you one of them? What can we do to please you?

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Arbil route opens

Turkish Airlines recently started flights between Istanbul and the city of Arbil in northern Iraq. The inaugural flight on the aircraft Safranbolu took off from Istanbul at 9:30 a.m. and landed in Arbil at 11:30.

Present on the flight were Finance Minister Mehmet Simsek, Energy and Natural Resources Undersecretary Metin Kilic and Turkish Airlines` Board Chairman Hamdi Topcu as well as a large number of businessmen and members of the press. Speaking at the ceremony in the northern Iraqi city of Arbil, Simsek said, “The Turkish and Kurdish people have been together for a thousand years. Nobody can break up our brotherhood. ”

In a talk he gave at the ceremony, Turkish Airlines` Board Chairman Hamdi Topcu pointed out that Arbil is the airline`s 135th destination abroad and is now linked via Istanbul to 1,200 points around the world through the Star Alliance Group.

It`s easier than ever to fly to the Balkan countries

Turkish Airlines has launched a project dubbed, `Visa-free Balkans`, aimed at the Balkan countries which require no visa and between which travel is easy. Running flights to all capital cities in the Balkans, to which we have five hundred years of historic ties, Turkish Airlines offers special fares and travel packages with affiliated agencies for this project, which includes the destinations Zagreb (Croatia), Sarajevo (Bosnia- Herzegovina), Pristina (Kosovo), Skopje (Macedonia), Podgorica (Montenegro), Tirana (Albania), and Belgrade (Serbia).

Dosseldorf meeting

Attended by airlines and travel agencies, the Business Travel & Meetings Show was held recently in Dusseldorf.

A 70 square-meter stand mounted by Turkish Airlines` Dusseldorf Office dazzled visitors to the fair. While participants were given an overview of membership in Turkish Corporate Club, which provides a significant degree of advantages in travel budgets without ceding any of Turkish Airlines ` quality, our corporate customers were informed on its many advantages such as fare reductions, extra luggage rights, and the corporate club card.

It happened on the way to Venice

The Italian sun has brought relief to the downcast for centuries. The Tourist tells the story of a 21st century tourist who makes a trip to Italy, where the German poet Goethe traveled in 1786. Known for action films like Pirates of the Caribbean, Johnny Depp shares the lead with Angelina Jolie, who gave us Lara Croft, which suffices to tell us that we`re looking at another action-packed adventure. Frank, played by Depp, meets Jolie`s Elise and finds himself caught in the middle of an expected conflict. Venice meanwhile steals the scene.

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Marrakesh Casablanca

Ahmet Bilal Arslan Photograher

“I`ve been going to Morocco since 2006 and my most interesting experience there was seeing the east of the Atlas Mountains. Unlike the ever popular Marrakesh and Casablanca, this area is still waiting to be explored in all its mystery. ”

Opening onto the Atlantic, the Caves of Hercules at Tangier bring to mind the map of Africa. It was at exactly this point that the Hercules of legend is said to have separated Africa from the European continent by creating the Strait of Gibraltar.

Built over the Atlantic Ocean at Casablanca, the Mosque of King Hassan II is considered the second largest in the world. Its 210-meter Maghreb-style minaret is an Islamic monument well worth seeing.

Recipient of long string of the world`s most prestigious industrial design awards, Dr. Hakan Gursu accesses the future of design and consumers` changing expectations.

Serdar Turan & Ahmet Bilal Arslan

What in your view is product design?

In the simplest terms, every act of designing is the art of solving a rational and aesthetic problem. To put it another way, I would define design, to which innovation has also been added in recent years, as an extraordinary problem-solving skill based on our existing system of values (science/technology). I should also add that it is essential that products be designed so as to create value added, to be environmentally sensitive and to make human life easier. Design is a profession that offers a rich array of alternatives to those who take pleasure in details

How do you view the current state of industrial design?

We can see that all the systems used to bring out the technological products on which we are becoming increasingly dependent are becoming more and more alike and that inter-product competition is confined to price range and after-sale service. To a large extent, product design is the factor that differentiates brands, and we see that the ability to design innovative and valuable products is gradually assuming more importance.

What are the dynamics behind the recent rise in industrial design?

The impact of a normal design process on total production cost is only about 5%, but its measurable effect on the market value of the product can go as high as 70%. This is understood by the broad masses of people, which, I believe, enhances the belief and desire that new products should undergo a process of total design.

Technological innovations and discoveries can only provide value added to the economy by being turned into products that can reach the man in the street. It is no secret either that successfully turning an invention into a product lies to a large extent in the process of total design. All the dynamic changes that are taking place today make the process of total design increasingly more meaningful and indispensable for every new product for which a need is going to be felt in a more quality and sustainable future. I believe the global need for integrated design services is rapidly rising for that reason.

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Aladag Mountains

How to go:

Turkish Airlines has daily flights in both directions between Istanbul and Kayseri. Once you are in Kayseri, you can reach the Aladag Mountains via Develi or Yahyali.

Where to stay:

If you can Y get to Kayseri, you can stay at a bed & breakfast in the village of Kapuzbasi.

What to eat:

There are rustic restaurants around the ancient Roman fountain in the Kayseri town of Develi.

The dish of choice at these venues shaded by century-old chinars is a kind of flat bread with meat (etli pide) known as Develi civikh.

Venice Biennale opened as usual in June. Artists, curators, journalists and collectors from around the world were in town for the opening on June 4.

The Biennale is also hosting a large and ambitious international exhibition. Curator this year is Bice Curiger, and the theme is ILLUMInations.

Turkey is taking part in the Biennale this year with Ayse Erkmen`s work titled Plan B. Erkmen is known for her works that embody the memory and topography of a city, entering into a dialogue with it and even combining disparate geographies. Among her memorable creations are her Shipped Ships, featuring ferryboats in the cities of Frankfurt, Istanbul and Shingu in Japan, and Sculptures on the Air, a group of 15th and 16th century stone sculptures that floated in the skies of Munster suspended from a helicopter before being returned to their storage facility at the Landesmuseum.

When asked to produce a work for Venice, Erkman put together a project based on the concept of water, which has always intrigued her, and the canals that lace the city. Originally, her plan was to purify the canal water and offer it to Biennale-weary crowds to drink. When this proved unfeasible due to the local bureaucracy and rules of hygiene, she brought plan b into play, from which the installation also takes its name.

Water is again purified, but this time in an aesthetic arrangement in which the entire hall is crisscrossed with colorful pipes from which the water is pumped back into the canals, without being drunk.

When you enter this space, you encounter both the gaily painted pipes, whose deliberate complexity creates an aesthetically pleasing impression, and the hum of the machines attached to them. Aytje Erkmen has broken a huge purification unit up into eight components and disseminated them around the space, connected by the pipes, producing a mechanical sculpture, a vast, curious and somewhat alienating installation in which hundreds of jobs are being performed simultaneously.

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Vegetarian Tastes

Special Tastes for Vegeterians

We also didn`t forget about our vegetarian guests among our rich menus. Vegetarian meals, containing no animal by products, are being prepared with fresh ingredients and all plant derived foods. Additionally, Vegetarian Jain meals which are prepared according to Jain customs, are also one of our special meal alternatives.

For more details about the special courses please refer to page 196.

Get the Latest News

You can reach all the flight information details from the AVOD system. World news is updated hourly.

Children`s channel and an Audio Book channel are also available.

In-flight connectivity enables passengers to send and receive text messages and e-mail. The news channel offers passengers world news, including economic, financial and celebrity news, as well as the weather report in text form. News is also given hourly and the weather report every four hours in an on-line broadcast. Connections enabling passengers to listen to, or watch on their individual screens, content on their personal iPods or USB devices are available on some of our B777 and A330 aircraft. Separate sections about Turkish Airlines` Fleet, Cargo and Frequent Flyer Program are also available along with a Destination Guide, a Turkey Info Guide, Airport Maps, Flight Maps and a Flight Camera. All passengers can watch takeoff and landing on two cameras mounted at the front and back of the aircraft.

Depending on the length of the flight, films, news and short programs are shown on our scheduled and chartered international flights on aircraft that have a video system but no digital system. News, films and short programs are offered to passengers on all flights of more than two hours. Music programs may also be available depending on the type of aircraft.

Music programs are available on our long haul and international flights.

Depending on the type of aircraft, some of our airplanes are not yet equipped with a digital entertainment system.

Green Lantern

Director: Martin Campbell

Cast: Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively and Peter Sarsgaard

Protectors of peace and justice, they are called the Green Lantern Corps. A brotherhood of warriors sworn to keep intergalactic order.


Director: Frank Coraci

Cast: Kevin James, Rosario Dawson and Leslie Bibb

The animals at the Franklin Park Zoo love their kindhearted caretaker, Griffin Keyes. Grifm finds himself more comfortable with a lion than a lady.

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Schwerin Castle

The mischievous spirit of Schwerin Castle

Petermannchen, the spirit of the centuries- old castle in the Germany city of Schwerin, chases away thieves with his pranks while he rewards good-natured guests

Schwerin, referred to as the `Jewel of the North` is the smallest but most charming city in Germany. The city, which has a population of merely 96,000 is one of Germany`s most treasured tourist attractions although it is not well-known by foreign tourists. Having a coast on the Baltic Sea made the city one of the most popular holiday destinations, especially since the reunification of the two German states in 1990. There are a total of 2,000 lakes in the state that has the cleanest water and air in Germany.

An island in the middle of the lake

Schwerin Castle is the most important building in the city, located on the island in the lake in the city center. A bridge connects the castle to the mainland. The most prominent character of the castle that has hosted countless dukes and barons since its construction, including Communist Party executives at the time of Democratic Germany, is the Petermannchen spirit. This genial spirit, around one meter tall, who roams around the secret paths and tunnels of the castle, carries numerous keys on his waist and leaves every door he passes through open.

The spirit, who has a torch in his hand and a short sword at his waist, is the warden and keeper of the castle. He rewards honest and good guests visiting the chateau but he shows thieves no mercy. He hounds trespassers with his pranks. Nowadays a guide posing as Petermannchen accompanies tourists who wish to take a tour of the castle.

The works of art in the castle are awe-inspiring.

Aerobatic show in the sky

Young explorers discover Africa

The Children`s university, Doga Koleji and Istanbul University joint venture, has this time explored Kenya. The Children`s University took a group of primary school students on an exploration trip to Kenya, the land of one of the world`s biggest animal migrations. The expedition took place between 23 August and 1 September, with the principle of providing on-site education. The young scientists who saw endangered animal species in their natural habitat also met local Maasai people.

The Side skies are getting prepared to host an Air Show for the first time! `Airshow Side` will take place in Side on 1-2 October 2011 under the leadership of one of world`s prominent aerobatic pilots Ali Ismet Ozturk. Shows can be viewed uninterruptedly from the 3.7 kilometre Side beach. `Airshow Side` will ` also include aerobatic flights from Barrett Brummet and Pilot-Major Murat Keles. Shows by Ayjet Flight Academy and Turkish F-16s, parachute jumps, „ paramotor flights and model helicopter shows will s also take place as part of the event.

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Milano Creative Industry

Corso Como Avenue and its vicinity host a more bohemian selection of boutiques, restaurants and art galleries. The most renowned of these is the legendary 10 Corso Como, a pioneer in conceptual retail. The slowly transforming Via Pietro Maroncelli is set to become the new Milan favorite.

The fashion and automobile industries are the most significant sources of Milan`s income

Corso Como is the ideal location for dinner, music and fun.

The Tortona industrial zone, deserted in the 1960s, started to liven up again after the 1980s and became the center of creative industries like fashion, design and architecture. It flourishes during `fashion week` and the `design fair`, transforming into the city`s liveliest area with fashion and other shows and parties all around.

Although Milan is not often identified with the visual arts, the city is actually home to a very important masterpiece. Leonardo da Vinci`s legacy, the Last Supper is in Santa Maria delle Grazie Church. The fine arts academy, Brera Academy, which produced some of the 20th century`s most brilliant artists, including Lucio Fontana and Piero Manzoni, is also one of Milan`s important establishments. The Pinacoteca di Brera, transformed from an old church into a large, magnificent art gallery, is also located in Brera. The gallery boasts the most extensive collections of the Italian artists Raphael, Bellini and Caravaggio.

You must visit the world`s biggest Gothic cathedral, the Duomo

The footsteps of modern art

Although Milan appears to be behind in terms of modern art, the `MiMac Contemporary Art Museum` project is expected to bring the city new dynamism. Hangar Bicocca, reopened after major renovation work as part of this project, has already begun hosting masterpieces of modern art such as `the Seven Heavenly Palaces` by Anselm Kiefer. The legendary Domus Academy, which was established by Gio Ponti, who was considered a guru in the field of industrial design in Europe, is famous for raising some of the world`s most prominent designers. Another of Milan`s design gems is the Museum of Architecture and Design. The museum has a splendid building; a different design, photography and contemporary art exhibition is held here every year.

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Where to eat

Antica Osteria Del Ponte (Piazza G. Negri 9); Antica Trattoria della Pesa (Piazza Colombo 1); Al Garghet (Via Selvanesco 36); Al Sorriso (Via Roma 18); Boeucc (Piazza Belgioioso 2); Cracco (Via Victor Hugo 4); Bagutta

Where to have fun

Martini Bar (Corso Venezia 15); Bar Straf (Via San Raffaele 3); Dolce & Gabbana GOLD (Via Carlo Poerio 6); Armani Cafe (Via Croce Rossa 2); Shu (Via Crocefisso 27); Bar Magenta (Via Giosue Carducci 13); Le Banque (Via Bassano Porrone 6); Gioia 69 (Via Melchiorre Gioia 69); The Club Milano (Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi 97); Ricci Lounge Bar (Piazza della Repubblica 27).

Milan is the ideal location for people who want to spoil themseives

Where to shop

Clothes and shoes: LDAAD Dantone (Via Santo Spirito 24/A); Iris (Via Sant`Andrea 10/A); Maison Martin Margiela (Via Della Spiga 46); Boule de Neige (Corso Como 3-4); Tom Ford (Via Verri 3); Alan Journo (Via della Spiga 36); Dsquared2 (Via Verri 4); Piumelli (Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II); Juicy Couture (Via Della Spiga 20); Chanel (Via Sant`Andrea 10/A); Dior (Via Monte Napoleone 14); Dolce & Gabbana (Via Della Spiga 2); Fendi (Via Sant`Andrea 16); Roberto Cavalli (Via Della Spiga 42); Viktor & Rolf (Via Sant`Andrea 14); Moschino (Via Sant`Andrea 12); Missoni (Via Solferino 28); H&M (SS 527 Via Garibaldi).

Outlet Stores: D Magazine Outlet (Via Monte Napoleone 26); Marni Outlet (Via Filippo Tajani 1); Etro Outlet (Via Spartaco 3); Matia`s Baby Outlet (on the corner of Via Balzan and Via Solferino).

Outlets offer major labels at very low prices

Art and Culturet

The festival awaits music-lovers from 13 October to 3 November

With the tagline, `The Sound of the City`, the Akbank Jazz Festival, one of Turkey`s longest-running festivals, will be hosting world-famous jazz musicians in Istanbul from 13 October to 3 November. Aside from its busy concert schedule, the festival`s offerings of workshops, panels, competitions, jazz brunches and `Jazz on Campus` concerts are remarkable.

Masters on the stage

The opening of the 21st Akbank Jazz Festival will take place with a performance by Arild Andersen Trio, an accomplished trio from the European jazz scene. Arild Andersen, one of the most important double bass players in Europe for 30 years, who was selected `Musician of the Year` in the French Academie de Jazz awards in 2008, will be joined by legendary Scottish saxophonist Tommy

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Galleria Vittorio Emanuele

Visit the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II even if you just browse Day one: Stop by at La Scala

After breakfast in Pasticceria Marchesi (Via Santa Maria alia Porta 11/a), a visit to Duomo Cathedral, the touchstone of Milan. Duomo, the heart of Milan, is the biggest Gothic cathedra in the world. After strolling in the interior of this magnificent cathedral, climb the 166 steps to the top for a splendid view of Milan.

Then a shopping trip to the `quadrilateral of fashion`, synonymous with Milan, is essential. Wander the side streets of Via Montenapoleone, Via della Spiga, Via Santo Spirito, Via Sant`Andrea and Santa Maria Novella, Corso Magenta, to keep up with the latest trends in the stores and shop windows of fashion pioneers like Dolce & Gabbana and Tom Ford.

After an intense walk, you can try Bistrot Giacomo (Via Pasquale Sottocorno 6), the restaurant opened in the yard of the superb store Aspesi (Via Monte Napoleone 13) or the great cafe, 10 Corso Como (Corso Como 10). This cafe and trendsetting concept store (bookshop » and gallery) created by Carla Sozzani is a great destination even if just to get inspiration. 10 Corso Como`s outlet store Via Tazzoli 3 is the smarter choice with affordable prices. Then you can visit the Triennale Design Museum (Viale Emilio Alemagna 6). For dinner, creative and original restaurant Home (Via Tortona 12) is the ideal address.

Then you can watch an opera at Milan`s famous La Scala (Via Filodrammatici 2). The neoclassical Teatro alia Scala, built by Architect Giuseppe Piermarini in 1778, is the oldest opera building in Europe. There is an opera museum right next door to the building that has hosted the most important operas of the world to date. If you can`t find tickets for the opera, enter the building from the side road 10 minutes before the show begins. You can always find tickets to watch the opera from the highest balcony standing -and for just 12 Euros.

Book ahead to see the painting of `The Last Supper`

Day two: Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

After breakfast and morning coffee in Buigari Hotel`s wonderful garden (Via Privata Fratelli Gabba 7/b) visit the Santa Maria delle Grazie Church (Piazza Santa Maria delle Grazie 2) to see the famous Leonardo da Vinci mural, `The Last Supper`. You need to make a reservation weeks ahead to see this piece. Then visit the concept store and gallery Spazio Rossana Orlandi (Via Matteo Bandello 14/16) that brings together art, design, photography and fashion. After leaving this delightful shop in which you can spend hours, you could go to Latteria di San Marco (Via San Marco 24) for lunch. The family establishment with only seven tables does not accept reservations or credit cards but is worth the extra effort.

It`s shopping time again. This time if you want to reach into the past you can peruse the clothes and books in the Libri & Robe vintage store (Via Della Moscova 15), then stop by at another vintage legend, Elio Ferraro Gallery (Via Pietro Maroncelli 1). Then you head towards Duomo Square and visit the neighboring Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II considered one of Milan`s most important buildings. This splendid arcade, built in 1865, has a glass dome and contains stores of some of Italy`s most important labels. After shopping, the best choices are Cafe Radetzky (Largo La Foppa 5), an Italian classic, or the tiny bohemian enoteca, N`Ombra de Vin (Via San Marco 2). Alla Cucina Economica (Via Francesco Guicciardini 8), a new Milan gourmet gem, is a very pleasant venue for dinner.

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