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Tour Packages Bulgaria

You are ready to explore your dreams and travel. Then, it`s time to plan your Bulgaria holiday and benefit from our tour packages Bulgaria.

We are here to take you around a small country with rich history, inspiring nature, mouth-watering cuisine and friendly people. Bulgaria and our private Bulgaria tours are a promise for unique experiences and memories.

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When we took the tourism path, we knew our love to Bulgaria only. It turned out to be enough to make our private tours in Bulgaria for you. We like to make you feel the spirit of ti

Tour Packages Balkan

Bulgaria is part of the Balkan Peninsula and is also marked with its difficult destiny. For that we made tour packages Balkan in different variations. Our wish is to make you breathe the air and feel the atmosphere of this interesting place, the Balkans.

American captain Fox talks about the `complicated Balkans`. We can only blame the position of the peninsula for the Balkan countries` political destiny. Due to Balkans’ central location in Europe and the fact that they served as a bridge towards Asia; Balkans suffer the strong after-effect of every whim that Europe and the world had. Balkans were doomed to stand in the path of the greatest racial movements. The Balkans are full of surprises. They never fail to bring interesting stories.

Balkans are the cradle of ancient civilizations like the He

Grand Balkan Tour

You might not have already decided on your next holiday so here we are to help and offer you visit Bulgaria, plan your private tours Balkan and contact us. The itinerary you will see below is the Balkan tour we made in 2015 for a lovely Malaysian group. We travelled 5000 km and visited 11 countries …

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Treasures of Varna

Hunting the treasures of Varna in Bulgaria tours

Bulgaria Tours Day 1

Bulgaria Tours – a day spent in the city of Varna – the sea capital of Bulgaria, like people know Varna. Varna is the third biggest city in Bulgaria and one of the oldest settlements on these lands. Varna is the place where the oldest gold treasure in the world was found. The treasure dates back
from 4,600 BC to 4,200 BC. This same Varna becomes the home of the biggest and only one of the kind in the world cultural historical; and entertaining and educational museum. The museum opens in the spring of 2019. It is going to be like a time machine. People will be able ‘to travel back’ in time in the different eras; in the development of the human civilisation on the Bulgarian lands.

Varna as one o

Phrygian Valley

Despite the proliferation of supermarkets, people in thecities of the Phrygian Valley still meet their needs from the traditionalgrocery stores, which supply staples like village bread, water buffalo `kaymak`(clotted cream), and poppy seed flour. Gold meanwhile is still sold as theprimary form of investment and, especially in summer, gold jewelry istraditionally given as a wedding present. The local alabaster is used insouvenir items such as necklaces, bracelets and pipes.

Turkish Airlines has Istanbul- Eskisehir flights in bothdirections.

When speaking of Afyonkarahisar, the first that leap to mindare poppies, sucuk and of course that inseparable duo, the city`s trademarkshredded ekmek kadayif pastry with clotted cream.

A university city today, Eskisehir offers visitors achildren`s amusement park as well as newly opened shopping centers.

Kutahya is a resort area that attracts tourists summer andwinter with spas like those a


A remnant of East Berlin that has crossed over to the West,the famous `little traffic man `with a hat (Ampelmannchen) used at pedestriancrossings in place of the usual red and green lights, has an important place inthe graphic arts.

Atilla Dorsay (Filmcritic)

“I`ve been going to Berlin for the film festival since 1978.

With its artists and festivals, it is a lovely city. Yearsago I went to Berlin two days late. Without even claiming my bag at theairport, 1 dashed off to where the press conferences were being held. I wantedto see and hear the immortal Fellini.

I made it, and it`s a good thing too because I never gotanother chance to see Fellini. ”

The main crossing point between East and West Berlin duringthe Cold War, Checkpoint Charlie today is a tourist attraction where visitorshave their photo taken with guides dressed in U.S. and Soviet army uniforms.

‘The Berlin Biennale adds enormous vital


With its unique atmosphere, Dublin where life intertwines with art.

Dublin is situated in a basin where the River Liffey meets apatch of the Atlantic Ocean known as the Irish Sea, an area simultaneously inthe foothills of emerald green mountains with myriad shades of green. As youstroll through Dublin`s bustling streets, the city`s historic houses, built inthe traditional architectural style, create a warm atmosphere with theircolorfully painted doors. Life in Dublin`s streets is buzzing and full ofsurprises, and the many street musicians, magicians, and other artistsdisplaying their fascinating skills mesmerize curious onlookers.

One of the city`s most vital hubs, O`Connell Street andSquare make an especially good destination for a stroll. This part of town alsoboasts numerous examples of the Georgian style buildings that lend Dublin itsclassical appearance. These buildings went up during the reigns of England`sKings George I and George IV


Arbil route opens

Turkish Airlines recently started flights between Istanbuland the city of Arbil in northern Iraq. The inaugural flight on the aircraftSafranbolu took off from Istanbul at 9:30 a.m. and landed in Arbil at 11:30.

Present on the flight were Finance Minister Mehmet Simsek,Energy and Natural Resources Undersecretary Metin Kilic and Turkish Airlines`Board Chairman Hamdi Topcu as well as a large number of businessmen and membersof the press. Speaking at the ceremony in the northern Iraqi city of Arbil,Simsek said, “The Turkish and Kurdish people have been together for a thousandyears. Nobody can break up our brotherhood. ”

In a talk he gave at the ceremony, Turkish Airlines` BoardChairman Hamdi Topcu pointed out that Arbil is the airline`s 135th destinationabroad and is now linked via Istanbul to 1,200 points around the world throughthe Star Alliance Group.

It’s easier than ever to fly to the balkan coun

Marrakesh Casablanca

Ahmet Bilal Arslan Photograher

“I`ve been going to Morocco since 2006 and my most interesting experience there was seeing the east of the Atlas Mountains. Unlike the ever popular Marrakesh and Casablanca, this area is still waiting to be explored in all its mystery. ”

Opening onto the Atlantic, the Caves of Hercules at Tangier bring to mind the map of Africa. It was at exactly this point that the Hercules of legend is said to have separated Africa from the European continent by creating the Strait of Gibraltar.

Built over the Atlantic Ocean at Casablanca, the Mosque of King Hassan II is considered the second largest in the world. Its 210-meter Maghreb-style minaret is an Islamic monument well worth seeing.

Recipient of long string of the world`s most prestigious industrial design awards, Dr. Hakan Gursu accesses the future of design and consumers` changing expectations.

Serdar Turan & Ahmet Bilal Arslan

What i

Aladag Mountains

How to go:

Turkish Airlines has daily flights in both directions between Istanbul and Kayseri. Once you are in Kayseri, you can reach the Aladag Mountains via Develi or Yahyali.

Where to stay:

If you can Y get to Kayseri, you can stay at a bed & breakfast in the village of Kapuzbasi.

What to eat:

There are rustic restaurants around the ancient Roman fountain in the Kayseri town of Develi.

The dish of choice at these venues shaded by century-old chinars is a kind of flat bread with meat (etli pide) known as Develi civikh.

Venice Biennale opened as usual in June. Artists, curators, journalists and collectors from around the world were in town for the opening on June 4.

The Biennale is also hosting a large and ambitious international exhibition. Curator this year is Bice Curiger, and the theme is ILLUMInations.

Turkey is taking part in the Biennale this year with Ayse Erkmen`s work titled Pl