A remnant of East Berlin that has crossed over to the West,
the famous ‘little traffic man ‘with a hat (Ampelmannchen) used at pedestrian
crossings in place of the usual red and green lights, has an important place in
the graphic arts.

Atilla Dorsay (Filmcritic)

“I’ve been going to Berlin for the film festival since 1978.

With its artists and festivals, it is a lovely city. Years
ago I went to Berlin two days late. Without even claiming my bag at the
airport, 1 dashed off to where the press conferences were being held. I wanted
to see and hear the immortal Fellini.

I made it, and it’s a good thing too because I never got
another chance to see Fellini. ”

The main crossing point between East and West Berlin during
the Cold War, Checkpoint Charlie today is a tourist attraction where visitors
have their photo taken with guides dressed in U.S. and Soviet army uniforms.

‘The Berlin Biennale adds enormous vital

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