With its unique atmosphere, Dublin where life intertwines with art.

Dublin is situated in a basin where the River Liffey meets a
patch of the Atlantic Ocean known as the Irish Sea, an area simultaneously in
the foothills of emerald green mountains with myriad shades of green. As you
stroll through Dublin’s bustling streets, the city’s historic houses, built in
the traditional architectural style, create a warm atmosphere with their
colorfully painted doors. Life in Dublin’s streets is buzzing and full of
surprises, and the many street musicians, magicians, and other artists
displaying their fascinating skills mesmerize curious onlookers.

One of the city’s most vital hubs, O’Connell Street and
Square make an especially good destination for a stroll. This part of town also
boasts numerous examples of the Georgian style buildings that lend Dublin its
classical appearance. These buildings went up during the reigns of England’s
Kings George I and George IV

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